The Best Tools

One way to appreciate ingenuity is to study the history of tools. The highly creative and smart Diderot knew well about it. The tools are the extension of women and men. Overtime tools became more sophisticated. We forget as soon as we mastered them since we're already looking for the next tool that will be useful to achieve better the task we need to achieve.

The Best Tools to Organize your Ideas! by Sylvie Gendreau. Photo©Pierre Guité

The Best Tools to Organize your Ideas! by Sylvie Gendreau. Photo©Pierre Guité

Today, tools to create and to co-create proliferate. The one I would like to talk about today is a simple tool, but a really amazing one to organize and synthesize our ideas and thoughts, and to explore new roads. Most of you probably already use it, it's a MIndmap.

No matter what kind of project you have to define, a mindmap is a powerful tool to get organized in you mind, but also to share thougts with others. Empathy map, road map, mindmap, it can be called different names and be used for different needs.

The application that I use most often is Coogle. This free application allows me to make summary easely and adding links and pictures if I wish. Once completed, the map is a valuable synthesis to complete your notes. Mindmap are an efficient way to go direct to the points that are important for you.

The great advantage also with Coogle is that you can have access to it from our Google Drive. You can preview the result by clicking on the synthesis I made of the book of Tom and David Kelley, Creative Confidence or with the following example of a map and synthesis of comments from my students. When I teach, I like doing summaries of their views. This allows us to expand our horizons on what represents the group, discover similar and complementary thoughts between each other and then engage in a more interesting conversation.

The other tool that Is essential to me, is THE BRAIN. This software works like our brain. It allows instant access to links and files you have selected on a given topic. The backup on a cloud makes it available on your computer and the Internet. For those who do research and write books, it's a very practical application.

Another useful tool for those who want to create a mental map automatically is MIND MEISTER,  a Google add-on too.

First, you write your item list:

Secondly, the application generates this automatically:

The whole can be generated in a Google Doc on your Drive. It is convenient and fast.

Similarly, among the add-ons from Google, there is also LucidChart, more suitable and complete when we want to present a process.

If you have any tools to suggest, please do so. I'm always interested to find tools that help us to better organize our ideas and increase our productivity.