Private driver more affordable than taxi


by Mahsa Ebrahimi

Mahsa Ebrahimi is a PhD Candidate at Polytechnique School of Montreal in Mechanical engineering

Mahsa Ebrahimi is a PhD Candidate at Polytechnique School of Montreal in Mechanical engineering

In 2009 Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick proposed a new way for managing urban transportation system that called Uber. After one year in 2010, their system and mobile application was launched officially.

The basic idea came from carpooling which is sharing car with other people who has the same starting point and destination. In fact Uber gives you an opportunity to share your car with other people in order to compensate portion of car expenses (e.g. gas, parking and maintenance). Also it is an appropriate alternative for taking cab which offers you more affordable rates. Actually Uber allows direct communication among passengers and car owners which is mutually beneficial for them.

In order to provide high confidence for users, Uber accurately takes into consideration all required background check as well as driving records before hiring someone as driver. However the regulations vary in different locations, Uber drivers must have access to good condition car and outstanding driving record.

There is no direct money transfer among Uber driver and passengers; consequently card reader is not required. After final confirmation, the assigned credit card will be charged for the preset rate.

The main advantages of using Uber versus taking the cab are listed in the following:

  • Lower rates
  • Saving time for payments
  • You do not need to have Taxi phone number in the your near area
  • Even it is not required to know the exact address where you are.
  •  More option to take the cars and drivers according to the provided feedbacks and rates by other passengers.
  •  Using the welcome bonus by sharing Uber and introducing this service to others

The rates in Uber is defined according to supply and demand, that is why it raises during the nights and holidays, since less drivers are available. To solve this problem Uber started to hire drivers for this certain period of time.

My own Idea for extending Uber:

  • Food delivery service (The deal among restaurants owners and driver who has the same destination with the customers).
  • Pickup and delivery (courier service)
  • Car rental
  • Adding some surprises, some luxury automobiles
  • Adding a module in its software that make possibility to share ride with others.