Convert cemeteries into forests!

Back to nature, back to life.

by Kimia Nazokkar

Kimia Nakozzar is a PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering at Polytechnique School of Montreal in the field of hydraulic

Kimia Nakozzar is a PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering at Polytechnique School of Montreal in the field of hydraulic

We can improve our lives getting ideas from nature. Beautiful Oak trees are raised by the company Bios Urn in work places which is very exciting.

The company Bios Urn introduced an invention called Bios Incube which performs as an incubator. This system grows trees in human ashes in homes or work places by monitoring the plant condition and controlling its needs. According to the company, the invented system provide a condition in which the ash of the dead body can return to life with nature's aid, reminding the time when the person was alive.

The Bios Incube is a nice white plant container (height: 76 cm, diameter: 33 cm). Both Bios Icube and Bios Urn are naturally degradable. There is also a mobile application in order to control the process. Bios Urn has been on the market for more than a year; Bios Incube is a novel product designed to allow people to grow their trees in their home or office instead of growing them in gardens or forests.

In the Bios Urn which is a cylindrical container, the seed and soil are located on the top of the ashes. The Bios Urn itself is located on the upper half of the Bios Incube which is restrained by the soil around it. The material of Bios Urn contains paper, carbon and cellulose. During the degradation process, the ashes are combined with the surrounding soil and the tree roots. Also, a barrier is employed to separate the soil from the outer side where are located the water tank with a capacity of 11.4 liters, a water pump underneath and a sensor and sprinkler above it. The Bios Incube is fed by water from circumference through some holes.

The sensor located above the soil is utilized to measure and control the soil moisture in order to check if the trees are supplied with appropriate amount of water. Also, the sensor is employed to check if proper amount of fertilizer, proper temperature and sunlight are applied to the plants. The controlling system provided by the sensors can monitor the vital signs of the sprouting plant and make sure that the plant is flourishing adjacent to the ashes. The ashes can be from human or animal cremation.

In these circumstances, the Bios Incube can be considered as an innovative incubator which is created for the afterlife.