Dr. Tofy Mussivand

- An inventor of groundbreaking medical devices -

by Nargess Amini and Masashi Natsui,
PhD candidates at Polytechnique School of Montreal







“The tougher it becomes, the more exciting it becomes to me.”[1]

The important thing for me is to serve humanity, to not only people of my country, but to all the people around the world. It shouldn’t be anything else other than this. My prophecy as a MD is helping the patients, teaching other MDs and also inventions and discoveries with the aim of helping people in a way.[2]
— Dr. Tofy Mussivand

 Tofy was born in small village called Varcaneh in Hamedan.[3] He spent his childhood mostly helping his father in herding the goats and sheeps. As a child, he always had too many questions in mind starting from his own existence as a human and the purpose of what he is supposed to do to questioning about the stars. But there was no one around to provide him with any answer. So his father decided to send him to school. Tofy cherished every single day of studying along joy and excitement and with all the urge of learning inside, the curiosity and being a person self-esteemed in work, he has become the person whom he is today.[1]

He studied Agricultural Engineering at University of Tehran and to continue his education, Tofy moved abroad to get his master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Management at the University of Alberta with a full scholarship. While studying, he used to work as a dishwasher. After years of great achievements in engineering, with the permanent eager of learning, he decided to follow the same path of his wife into medicine and got his doctorate in Medical Engineering and Medical Sciences at university of Akron, Ohio where he got his PhD in Medicine. He merged his two fields of studies: engineering and medicine and by doing so, the world could benefit from his inventions in artificial organs and other genius med equipments.[3][5]

After three years of working at an internationally acclaimed Cleveland Clinic Hospital and Research Foundation[5], where he gained achievements as inventing “Artificial Hearts”, “in-situ Sterilisation”, the responsibility of becoming the head of artificial heart of that institute was proposed to him. Then after, he becomes the chief of many scientific and professional boards. [6]

   Prototype of his artificial cardiac pump [7]

 Prototype of his artificial cardiac pump [7]

His life, his dedication to the science and the world, his modesty and simplicity are admirable and could make us ponder and give us motivation. He started his early days of his teenagehood as a goat herder and today, he is a professor in fields of Surgery and Engineering at universities of Ottawa and Carleton, holding at least 15 patents, publishing more than 250 papers and books and taught more than 300 students. Also, Dr Mussivamd is holding positions as a member of Prime Minister's Advisory Council on Science and Technology, a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada [1] and an honorary member of Iranian Academy of Medical Sciences.[2]

 Telemedicine [8].

Telemedicine [8].

 Although he got a lot of honor, he has continuously made up a lot of innovative devices not only for heart disease but also for improving surgery quality, remotely monitoring patient’s condition, DNA detection, and Telemedicine. The last one is the new collaboration of the different field, the medical technology and the recent information technology. It can eliminates the barrier of the distance and will be another his representative work. All of his marvelous achievements would be derived from his profound curiosity for both medical and other fields, and never-give up mind.


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