Thomas Edison

A Success Story

by Anas Abusalah

  Anas Abusalah is a PhD candidate at Polytechnique School in Electrical Engineering. He works on Parallel Computation of Large Scale Power Networks.

Anas Abusalah is a PhD candidate at Polytechnique School in Electrical Engineering. He works on Parallel Computation of Large Scale Power Networks.

Light and electricity are the nerve of the current life. No one could imagine life without electricity; yes, without all electric tools we are surrounded with, no phones, televisions, radios, laptops and yes no Facebook! This life was a reality back in the early 19th century, when a genius creature was born under the name of Thomas Alva Edison back in 1847. This boy was playing with all other young ones of his age, and no one at his time ever thought that Thomas Edison may change the world and transforms it into a high technical world in no time. Edison was born into a hard working family of activist father from Canada. His mother was a school teacher. During his early life, Thomas Edison was a difficult little one to raise, he was expelled from school after his teachers gave up on him. His mother took care of his education at home, she had a big influence on him during his early years. At the age of 12 he convinced his parents to stop his education and start selling newspapers along the city railway. After few weeks selling newspapers, Edison start thinking of establishing his own newspaper, which he did and start selling it to thetrain passengers during the rush hour times.

Being a smart and gifted young boy, Edison hated to waste his time between morning and evening doing nothing, so he took advantage of his granted access to the train station. He set up a small chemical lab in one empty train cabinet. He started mixing materials and creating some experiments out of his mind. However, these lab experiments failed after he caused a fire in the train and was expelled from the station and refused entry back to his work place ever again. After this sad event, Edison decided to start working in a train station far from home. During one day working at this new station he saved a 3 years old baby from being ran over by a train and the baby’s father awarded his courage by teaching him how to operate a telegraph. Once becoming familiar with telegraph, he started to be a telegrapher and familiarizes himself even more with this tool until he became familiar of the electrical science.

In 1868, Edison moved back home and found his family in a miserable situation. His father lost his job and his mother was suffering from a mental health problems. In 1869, Edison moved to NYC to take care of his future and get money for his family, he worked hard and invented the first stock ticker and was able to sell his invention for 40k USD. With this money, Edison had more than enough resources to quit his job and free himself for inventions. In 1970, he opened his first lab and hired several engineers to help him with his research and excel his inventions. He was able to form few partnerships with companies to keep his lab going financially. This year ended with a huge success by developing the two directional transmitter for which he got paid 100K USD. With this huge success, Edison was able to open his first industrial facility with motors operations and laboratories.

Between the years 1876 to 1880, Edison and his staff tried their best to create the first electric light bulb, they have failed more than 100 times, the determination of Thomas Edison and his beliefs in his ideas have helped him to go through the darkness of failure to the light of success and was able to patent the invention of the light bulb in 1880. With this invention, he established Edison Illuminating Company which is the first ever utility company in the history. After this establishment, Edison led one of the most innovative companies in the history of science and he was able to accomplish success after success.

Edison , the man of 1093 patents, is a true success model who’s life is an inspiration for entrepreneurs. He taught us that by dedication, passion and love, everything is possible, and impossible should be omitted from the dictionary because it does not exist. 09/17/2010