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Sylvie Gendreau, founder of Dreaming The World

Sylvie Gendreau, founder of Dreaming The World

I'm pleased to welcome you to and to this blog that I hope will become your Lab pocket, a tool box for your imagination.

Since I was little, I have been a daydreamer. I cannot tell you exactly why. It was just there. So easy. So accessible. Each day, it happened naturally. The sky, a tree, a color pencil, a smile... one of these could become a magic door to enter into wonderful worlds. My mother used to let me travel in my imagination without bothering me too much. My sisters and brother, much older than me, had left home. My parents thought they would have time to themselves... instead they had a new baby: me!

Being with older parents encouraged me to invent friends. Even if I was often alone, I was never bored. Experimenting with many lives and stories kept me busy. As a child, it was not a problem. As a teenager, it was another story, since the experiments were a little more audacious. I have to say sorry to my teachers for the disarray I caused. Inventing creative scenarios with others in the classroom was my specialty. Later, my parents, a bit discouraged by my 'explosive' creativity, sent me to study in a convent. Once again, sisters became part of my games.

It should be clear to you then that creativity and collective intelligence have been two of my allies for quite a while. Happily for me and my parents, I became more serious when I fell in love with a new discipline: COMMUNICATION. It was like a tidal wave in my life. The communication discipline was new, inspired by, among others, the School of Palo Alto, Gregory Bateson, Paul Watzlawick... I immediately saw the opportunity to resolve several human and social problems. This passion for communication and creativity has never wavered. I have run my own communications company in Montreal, the city where I was born, for over twenty years. I have conducted numerous innovation projects in North America and Europe for communities, small companies and multinational corporations. The goal I pursue is still the same: if we can learn how to communicate, understand each other, co-create and live together, we will contribute to a better and smarter world.

To do so, we all need to channel our creative impulses to imagine new ways to improve our lives and our communities collectively. Nowadays, everyone needs to be knowledgeable in these matters. is a platform that we will build help us to improve together.

As the founder of, I probably should introduce myself. I'm the author of several books, the best known being City of Intelligences (1998) and School of Desires (2004).

I have lived in France since 2009 where I developed Les Cahiers de l'imaginaire, a creative lab on art and design. We lead projects in Europe with different communities. I also teach creativity to the PhD candidates at Polytechnic School of Montreal. This blog intends to provide relevant content, methodologies and tools to help nourish your brain and stimulate your creativity.

Imagine a Creative Personal Lab in your pocket that you can access anytime through your phone, tablet or computer. This idea came to me as a means of helping my students. I thought bringing everything together in one place could also be of advantage to others.

Challenges improve our minds. Continued stimulation and new experience expand our cognitive abilities. Our brain is the only organ that does not age: the more we exercise it, the more agile it becomes.

The scientist Alain Berthoz explains that "Our brain is not a prudent calculator that makes us adapt to the world; it is a marvellous stimulator, a machine to invent assumptions; models to find solutions."

I hope you will enjoy the platform and its Pocket Lab tools. Please let me know what you would like to read. Thank you in advance for your participation and for joining our creative community.