These Jobs

We know, for a fact, that more and more people will have to look for a job since most of the jobs that existing today will disappear faster than we can imagine. If you are looking for a job, you should look the way people live around you and think how life will be in the furutre. How would you like to contribute? What will make you happy?

Before looking for a job,
you should find what really interest you. 

These jobs that dispappear by Sylvie Gendreau. Photo©Pierre Guité

These jobs that dispappear by Sylvie Gendreau. Photo©Pierre Guité



(in a notebook or on Evernote or any apps). 

Take notes in it every day.





Page 1  
Write your worst fears (make it dark) — knowing what you fear, it's a way to overcome them.  Always try to be honest with yourself.

Page 2 
Write your dreams (make it bright and sunny), add photos to represent them. It will be your board to keep track with  your future.



Page 3 
Define what you need to do to make your dreams come true:

  • Research (what is missing: knowledge, expertise, look for examples, be curious).
  • Learn (what you need to know, which competencies to develop, find courses and coaches).
  • Network (who do you need to know), be active on relevant networks for you: Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook... and, go out to meet people.)
  • Bring your thoughts to life. Translate your ideas into actions. Don't wait.

Page 4 
Actions plan in three columns. Up date it every week

  • Your critical tasks (to do actions for this week).
  • Your actions (for the month).
  • Your objectives for the year.
  • Your long term goal.

Page 5 and others...
The lesson of the day. Every day, write what you have learned and what you want to remember. A healthy memory needs repetition. Every week, underline the most important lessons and define actions to implement them in your daily life.

Re-read your notebook often. It could become a powerful productivity tool.

2. Keep a DREAM NOTEBOOK close your bed.

  • Every night before going to sleep, write a good question for which you would like to find an answer.
  • Every morning write your dreams as soon as you wake up. Do not worry if it has no link with the questions you want to answer. Over time... the process can become very efficient to make better decisions (I will write more post about this topic).

3. Make sure you know what you are interested in.

Find your intrinsic motivation. Do a list of all your interests. Start with the most important to the less. Go and talk to people who work and know the fields your are interest in. Follow activities (seminars, conferences...) in these fields and keep your diary up to date.

Follow your passion, be creative and find ways, every day, to make it happen.

4. Look for a job, but also think to create your own job. 

Many things you can do to succeed:

  • Open a blog and make it work, it could become a good business. Take a course online. Learn how to do it.
  • Sale products of others and think how you can create your own products.
  • Try and test new businesses. Do not worry to fail, more you will fail, more you will learn. Try until you find the perfect job for you, you can be a coach, an author, an infopreneur, an entrepreneur or, if you have a very creative idea, launch a start-up.

The possibilities are endless. And remember the advice of the philosopher Gilles Deleuze, do not copy the dreams of others. Make sure you find your own dreams to plot a route that will make you happy ... to get there, a creative mind is your greatest asset.